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How AI in Programmatic Advertising Helps to Target and Personalize Ad Campaign Experiences?

Are you actively looking to embrace the extended capabilities of AI in programmatic advertising? Continue reading this blog to discover the transformative power of AI, its benefits, use cases, and AI capabilities in various AdTech components.

Ad Server Development: Role, Types, Benefits and Features

The ad server development and integration in the dynamic world of programmatic advertising has proven to be a smart move toward effective ad inventory monetization. In the course of achieving seamless collaboration between brands and businesses, it is necessary to throw light on the necessity of reliable ad server software to amplify the impact of their marketing & earning efforts.

Ad Exchange Vs Ad Network: A Detailed Comparison Guide For Advertisers and Publishers

Ad networks and ad exchanges are the core components that drive programmatic advertising and create a seamless path for connecting publishers and advertisers for media trading. Programmatic advertising fosters dynamic and profitable ad ecosystem by leveraging data, technology, and analytics for highly targeted ad campaigns.

Real-Time Bidding Platform Development for DOOH to Redefine Ad Exchange Process [Case Study]

Rishabh Software, a leading AdTech software development company, assisted a UK-based global DOOH enterprise with Real-Time Bidding (RTB) ad exchange platform development to monetize their digital inventory & maximize efficiency.

Supply Side Platform (SSP) Advertising: What it is, Benefits, How it Works, & More

In this blog, we will explore what is supply-side platform, how it works, and its key role in streamlining the programmatic AdTech ecosystem and what benefits it offers to publishers.

Demand Side Platform (DSP) Advertising: What it is, Importance, Types & More

DSPs primarily focus on real-time, cross-channel buying of digital ad impressions across multiple channels such as webpages, display, mobile, video, social media, and CTV advertising. In this blog, we will walk you through the various aspects of demand-side platforms, including what they are, their benefits, types, and more.

Programmatic CTV Advertising: Benefits, Types, and More

One of the most significant shifts in the advertising landscape is the rise of programmatic CTV advertising. In today’s digital era, end-users increasingly rely on streaming platforms and connected TVs (CTVs) for digital content. This is where connected TV advertising is quickly becoming a leading format for advertisers to reach massive audiences. The data-driven approach allows advertisers to precisely target specific consumer groups segmented by geography, behavior, or demographics.