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CTO Guide To Machine Learning

At Google’s I/O conference held recently, CEO Sundar Pichai made one of the most important strategy announcements – the transition from mobile-first to AI-first and machine learning.

Types of Big Data Analytics

Enterprises like Google and Amazon are masters at mining and analyzing big data. They are leveraging the knowledge gathered from analyzing big data to achieve an edge over their competitors. Just think about Amazon’s recommendation engine.

Big Data Cloud Evaluation Checklist

Big Data management is no longer an ‘if’ for companies, it is more a ‘when’ and ‘how’. With industry stats like 20% reduction in patient mortality by analyzing data in Healthcare & 92% reduction in processing time by analyzing call and networking data in the Telecom industry, enterprises are achieving Big ROI with Big data.

Key Business Intelligence & Analytics Insights from Gartner’s 2015 BI Magic Quadrant

The market for Business Intelligence (BI) is undergoing a transformation according to a recent Gartner study. A number of organizations are opting for new age data-mining and analysis tools such as Tableau and Qlik. The choice is being made even when the platforms may not be a fit for the tasks at hand.

2 Ways How Big Data is Shaping US Healthcare Industry

Big data is here to stay. Once considered a buzzword, the term big data has begun to transform the way organizations view the business world and their consumers.

How To Tackle 6 Big Data Challenges

Big data analytics maybe the newest kid on the block, but for a large number of industries, it has driven business value and augmented revenue. With ‘Internet of Things’, better connectivity among devices and increased acceptance of business analytics, companies can take advantage of the tremendous opportunities big data provides.

4 Practical Benefits of Big Data Analytics

Big Data has the potential to help companies achieve real results by going through cycles of predictive modeling and data analysis. Information technology (IT) executives have attempted to figure out how they can use the four ‘V’s of big data – volume, variety, veracity and velocity.

4 Ways Predictive Analytics Can Help Retailers

We live in a hyper-competitive retail space today, where the consumer is not shying away from comparing prices with competitors and posting reviews over the internet. In the past, retailers had to scout out customer information and data to improve their customer service.

10 Business Benefits of Big Data [INFOGRAPHIC]

Big Data Analytics helps decision makers to identify the problem areas in various business practices, eliminating the risks and improving business productivity. Big Data Analytics is also based on analyzing succinct patterns for identifying credible and reusable processes to retune business efficiency.