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Build Confidence in Your Deployment with Automation Testing in CI/CD Pipeline

Today, software development processes have become more agile. What matters now is a quicker time to release made possible with DevOps. Testing is a critical component of all the release cycles today. And, the integration of automated testing. It entails the transformation of almost everything from building a culture to providing workflow efficiency with the right testing focus and processes to tools & technologies.

DevSecOps Strategy: How to Embed ‘Security as Code’ At Every Step

DevOps and Security: A complete overview of the DevSecOps approach, how to implement it, its benefits, components, best practices, challenges, tools & use cases.

DevOps Testing Strategy: Best Practices, Benefits & Tools

DevOps helps automate and simplify the overall software delivery process. And, while testing is a critical and ever-evolving component of every SDLC, there is a significant focus to structure a DevOps testing strategy.

DevOps in Financial Services: All You Need to Know

In today’s digital world, it is important to quickly adapt to market trends to stay relevant in the business. This holds for the financial services sector, where there is a greater need to exceed the customer expectations while providing uninterrupted services.

Key DevOps Trends and Predictions For 2021

DevOps as a practice enables organizations to develop and deploy software faster and more efficiently. Strong collaboration between software engineers, operations personnel, and other stakeholders helps achieve growth and success.

DevOps Adoption Challenges and Opportunities

DevOps is a structured way of approaching software development. Today, more and more IT organizations realize its benefits as their irregular release cycles get replaced by streamlined continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines.

Boosting Business in the Cloud with DevOps

The COVID-19 pandemic has imposed unprecedented circumstances on businesses to adapt to a new "normal." And, with this, even IT businesses are under scrutiny for their agility to deliver software products and services. Hence, today the need of DevOps has become more prominent than ever and through this article, we aim to highlight specific benefits that can incentivize customers to migrate with DevOps in the cloud in their adoption journey.