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Functional Testing Ensures High Software Quality

Today’s software applications are mostly cloud-based applications or web-based applications which make it extremely challenging for software test practitioners to design and execute a set of tests adhering to multiple aspects of quality and stand ahead in the competition. The practice becomes more challenging especially when it needs to be delivered in a limited time span.

The Importance of Beta Software Testing in QA

Alpha, beta, gamma and lambda are the Greek alphabets of a, b, c and z respectively that once the linguist used to determine and was later used in algebra and statistics formula. The same alphabets in today’s software era are regarded as product release jargons that are widely used for any software system and application releases.

FoneMonkey – Automation Testing Tool for iOS Apps – now MonkeyTalk

The growing popularity of mobile applications requires that companies adopt strategies and have automated testing solutions designed specifically for the needs of their mobile applications. Due to its nature, it is always a challenge to have automation testing for mobile applications. I have been getting many customer inquiries about automation testing tools for mobile apps.

Test Maturity Model integration (TMMi) – An Introduction

In present times it is difficult for the software industry to make zero defect products due to the size and complexity of the software increases rapidly with customers and users demanding more and more in less time. Although the industry has invested substantial effort to improve the quality of its products, it seems achieving zero defects are like catching the sun in the sky or looking for a black hole spread in the universe.