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Competency and Commitment

Competency and commitment are an integral part of an organisation’s workforce and both have to go hand in hand for the organisation to scale up. Competencies: They are the skill and attitudes demonstrated by employees in order to perform specific tasks efficiently and effectively. Skills like Courage, Faith, Self-Respect, and Focus of mind with calmness and strength etc.

Festivals Celebrations Then and Now

As the year draws to a close, it leaves us in grand style with many festivals for people of all religions to enjoy. When we talk of festivals the one thing all of us enjoy is the festivities and celebrations linked to it. Every festival has had a historical and/or religious origin while some are linked to seasonal changes but one thing common in all is it brings together people from all walks of life and offers a sense of belonging

The Rishabh Charitable Trust

The Rishabh family embraces the spirit of charity. We believe that charity is not just stretching out to the needy by donating money but to go a step further by immersing ourselves in giving back to the society for its non-monetary needs as well. To carry forward these Corporate Social Responsibility activities of Rishabh Software, the Rishabh Charitable Trust was established in 2008.